How Long Should Riding Pants Last?

If you’ve got a young daughter who loves horseback riding, then you are probably looking at investing in proper horseback riding clothing. Obviously girls riding pants are an absolute must, and depending on how often they ride, you may want more than one pair. With that said you may be curious about how long these girls riding pants should last. Let’s take a closer look.

Normal Wear and Tear

Obviously riding pants go through a certain amount of ride and tear. They are what keep your legs protected from chafing against the horse. They also have a fair amount of stretch in them so that they fit snug. Over time it’s natural that the elastic starts to lose its effectiveness and the pants can even become pilled or rip if they aren’t good quality.

If you have invested in high quality riding pants you should expect them to outlast your child’s growth. There’s a good chance they will need new pants due to sizing over issues with the pants themselves.

Care is Important

Even though your pants will eventually need to be replaced, you can take some steps to ensure they last as long as possible. Proper care is important, especially with a high-quality item such as these. Check the tag before washing, but in general they are usually safe for the washing machine. It’s a good idea to use the gentle cycle and cold water only. If there is leather or suede on the riding pants, you may need a special kind of laundry soap.

Once they are finished washing you will want to take them out of the machine, give them a shake, and then lay them flat to dry. Throwing them in the dryer will start to wreck the fibres in the material and they will lose their stretch, shape, and color.